Nourishing the world

Solein is grown without any farming. It only needs a tiny fraction of the land, water, and energy that animals or plants do. Every simple moment of finishing your plate can be world-changing thanks to this protein.



Solein® is made from natural single-cell organisms, which are grown in a fermentation process. Water is split from the air with renewable electricity into hydrogen and oxygen. The cells are fed CO2, hydrogen, nitrogen and mineral nutrients. 

These microorganisms are then able to make amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids (fats), and vitamins. They do the heavy lifting in this process. We are only letting their microscopic lives fulfil their purpose: procreation and diversification. 

When it's time to harvest the Solein, the excess water is removed, and then it is finally dried into a protein-rich powder, with no plants or animals harmed in the process.



Sorry, plants.

Conventional food production wastes resources like water, chemicals, and animal feed at unsustainable and unreasonable levels. Unlike conventional protein production, it takes just a fraction of all these resources if any, to produce the same nutritional amount of Solein. Even photosynthesis, the way plants convert energy into food, is not as efficient as our method. 
And the best part? It won't run out.

A new kind of farm

We can grow the unseen fruits of nature. Solein does not require land and the agriculture needed happens on a cellular level. There's no slaughter of animals, cleared forests, pesticides, or fertiliser runoffs.

Singapore has already approved the import, manufacture and sale of food products containing Solein and there will be more to follow.

We will be able to make vast quantities of protein basically anywhere in the world that has air. In fact, we've already started.

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Solein unlocks a world of new food diversity that is genuinely sustainable. It not only creates an infinite food supply for our world but also allows consumers to choose foods with a genuinely sustainable protein source.

By mixing together our knowledge of nature and science, we seek to create a delicious future of food filled with mouth-watering possibilities.

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